Monday, December 19, 2011

The Truth

When I was sixteen, I was at a party.  My friend, Jolene, was having her birthday.  Everyone was there, including my best friend.  His name was Daniel.  I kinda had a crush on him and I think he kinda had a  crush on me, but it wasn't anything serious.  It wasn't supposed to be anything serious.

We were hanging out and no one else was around, and I think someone spiked the punch because I didn't feel very well and D was drinking anyway and then he...started touching me.  I didn't want it and I told him but he kept going and I was scared but suddenly I was too off-balance and woozy to fight and I kept telling him to stop but he didn't stop he never stopped even though I spent the whole time begging him not too.

Afterwards I told my family what he did and he got arrested and put on trial but it was just a juvenile court and his dad was pretty well off.  He said that I begged for it the entire time.  He said it wasn't rape because I kept asking for it and he pretended to look so hurt by what I was saying and no one believed me except Faith.  Everyone at school called me a tease and a whore and a slut and Faith almost killed D, beat him so hard he needed to go to the hospital.  D's dad had to get a restraining order and he moved away and I never saw him again.

It just hurt so much he was my best friend and he hurt me and now everyone's reminding me and I just want to forget why won't the shadows let me forget?  Why did they hurt my brother and kill my mom and dad to make me remember?

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