Thursday, December 15, 2011

i don't know

the shadows are telling me i broke it.  id ont know what i broke they say its ruined i don't know what's ruined

why did you do it it was perfect but i fucked up like a little whore because thats all i'm good for why won't they leave me aloen

they want me to kill someone they want me to kill him i know he hurt me he broke me and he should pay but i don't want to kill anyone i just want to move on why do they keep asking me why arm my arms so bruised why why did i break it its broken like im' broken its usless now just like me they keep telling me it was going just like his was and i don't know they say its imcomplete and it wont work but i don't know i dont know i dont know i just want to rest i just want to slkeep i want the shadows to stop talking please stop stop please please i don't want to i dont want to

boudica shouldnt rise but they wont let me sleep until sshe does

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